Round 1:

  1. THW require citizens to pass a test to vote.

  2. TH regrets the use of primaries to select party candidates for office.

  3. THW prohibit elected officials from engaging in fund raising activities while in office.

Round 2:

  1. TH supports tariffs on China.

  2. TH regrets US military power.

  3. TH, as a Western democracy, would act to raise the birth rate.

Round 3:

  1. TH agrees that meritocracy is a myth invented by the rich. (“meritocracy” is a system or belief that the most able rise to the top through talent and hard work)

  2. THBT democracies ultimately commit suicide. (comment made by John Adams, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and second President of the United States)

  3. THS direct democracy. (“direct democracy” would put all major policy, legislative and/or judicial questions to a popular vote, which would be decisive)

Round 4:

  1. THW require all internet and social media services to verify the identity of their users.

  2. THW ban the use of the internet and social media in political campaigns.

  3. THW forbid Amazon from selling its own products on its system.

Round 5:

  1. THW subsidize news organizations.

  2. THW ban contact sports.

  3. THW put a citizenship question on the census.


  1. TH supports a substantial increase in the minimum wage.

  2. THW ban non-compete agreements.

  3. TH regrets the emergence of the “sharing” economy.


  1. THW eliminate the Presidential veto.

  2. THW place US environmental policy in the hands of an independent body similar to the Federal Reserve.

  3. THW replace impeachment with an independent prosecutor for misconduct by elected officials.


  1. THW require each college to accept students at random from those applicants who meet that school’s minimum standards.

  2. THBT colleges and universities should be able to accept faculty, research staff and students world-wide without government interference.

  3. THR college spending on student amenities.


  1. THW not exclude at trial evidence obtained improperly.

  2. THBT a juror should vote to acquit if they believe a law is unjust or unjustly applied.

  3. THR the proliferation of surveillance cameras. (chosen motion)


Round 1, Flight 1: The United States should cease the withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council.

Round 1, Flight 2: The United States should withdraw diplomatic support for Israel.

Round 2, Flight 2: The United States criminal justice ought to value truth-seeking over attorney client privilege.

Round 3, Flight 1: The USFG should replace police officers with class B misdemeanors or higher.

Round 3, Flight 2: High schools in the United States should replace metal detectors with more trained security personnel.

Round 4, Flight 1: College admissions in the United States should value depth of academic success over breadth of extracurricular involvement.

Round 4, Flight 2: In the wake of gun violence in school settings, news media should prioritize interviews with survivors over legislative change.

Round 5: The United States should cease all current developments of space force.

Round 6, Flight 1: United States trade policy should prioritize stability of trade deals over tariff bargaining.

Round 6, Flight 2: The United States department of energy should value energy cleanliness over affordability.

Octos: Foreign interference in elections makes them illegitimate.

Finals: The USFG should abolish ICE.