1. Former colonizing states ought not restrict immigration from citizens of their former colonies. (topic area: civil rights, value round)

2. The UK should hold a second referendum on Brexit. (topic area: international trade, policy round)

3. The expansion of school choice through charter schools has decreased the quality of public education. (topic area: education, fact round)

4. The exploitation of oil-rich countries is a global crisis. (topic area: natural resources, fact round)

O. The United States Federal Government should increase funding in its infrastructure for rural broadband access. (topic area: science and technology, policy round)

Q. The decline of unions in the United States has done more harm than good. (topic area: US economy, fact round)

S. California should prioritize alleviating poverty over fixing infrastructure. (topic area: poverty, value round)

F. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) should end all contracts with private prisons. (topic area: immigration, policy round)