1A. This house believes Supreme Court justices should retire by age 75.

1B. The USFG should restrict private funding of Mars colonization initiatives.

1C. TH believes the use of plastic drinking straws should be banned.

2A. This house believes campaign season should be restricted to a specific time frame.

2B. This house believes there should be a maximum age limit on presidential candidates.

2C. The USFG should provide a Universal Basic Income to all citizens.

3A. This USFG should do more to restrict foreign interference in US elections.

3B. The USFG should be subject to sanctions from the international community for human rights violations.

3C. TH should impeach President Trump.

Semis-A. This house believes unhealthy foods should be taxed.

Semis-B. This house believes Sexual Education should be a required course in schools.

Semis-C. The USFG should require vaccinations.