Elections for the 2019-2020 NPDL Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please submit a statement of interest to npdl.board@gmail.com by April 5. In your statement, please list your name, your school, and a list of positions you are potentially interested in. Following that, you will be shared on the list of other people who submitted their statement of interest, and will have 10 days to finalize which position you want to run for.

Please submit your official candidacy to the Inspector of Election at npdl.elections@gmail.com by April 15. Each person may only run for one position.

The Inspector of Election will be Ming Qian.

Duties of the six elected officers per bylaws article v section 4

1) The President, who shall chair league meetings and board meetings (except where stated otherwise in these bylaws), create agendas for these meetings, oversee and coordinate the activities of the other officers, represent the League to tournament directors, school district and school administrations, and other people and organizations on behalf of member schools.

2) The Secretary, who shall take Board and league meeting minutes, organize officer elections, maintain an updated member roster, manage communication between the League and its members, update the bylaws and the legislative code once new proposals are passed, and conduct student opinion surveys about important matters in the parliamentary debate community.

3) The Treasurer, who shall manage League finances and report on them to the representatives. The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the League.

4) The TOC Director, who shall organize the NPDL Tournament of Champions.

5) The Web Director, who shall oversee a website reporting on important news in the parliamentary debate community, collecting data for rankings used to determine the qualification to the NPDL Tournament of Champions, and overseeing the creation and compilation of free and publicly available educational resources for parliamentary debate students and coaches.

6) The Outreach Director who shall work toward increasing the regional and socioeconomic diversity of the league, toward establishing and maintaining parliamentary debate school programs, tournaments, and other events and toward encouraging existing parliamentary debate school programs, tournaments, and other events to get involved in the league.