1. The EU General Data Protection Regulation does more harm than good.

2. California should amend its constitution to abolish elections for judges.

3. The US should withdraw all combat troops from Afghanistan.

4. Allowing the use of warning shots by police officers does more harm than good.

5. Pope Francis ought to step down.


1. Anonymous online speech does more harm than good

2. USFG should prohibit confidential settlements of court cases

3. USFG should ban the pesticide Roundup.

4. Felony murder ought not be a crime.


D/Q. United States humanitarian intervention in other countries does more harm than good.

O/S. CA should abolish its system of ballot initiatives.

Q. Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices*

S. USFG should enact the Accountable Capitalism Act.

F. Justice requires the recognition of animal rights.