Joining the National Parliamentary Debate League 


The National Parliamentary Debate League is now open for membership registration! Schools that were members in the 2018-2019 season should renew their membership for 2019-2020.

Becoming a member gives the school access to our online forum and the right to vote in the NPDL Legislature (see Article II of the bylaws) both in online votes and during our league meetings. Schools that register by April 27 may also vote in Board elections. Each school may be represented in the legislature by designating an adult representative and/or a student representative. The adult representative should be either the head coach or an assistant coach designated by the head coach.

The adult representative of a member school (or, if there is no adult representative, the school principal) may create a procedure for the students of their school to elect a student representative.

The student representative must be a student at the school which they are representing. Representatives can vote in both in-person and online league meetings that determine league rules and can also vote in the annual Board of Directors elections.

Coaches, please fill out the form below. Competitors, please notify your coaches that membership registration is now open and that they can register.

In addition to the digital form, it is highly recommended that a hard copy is filled out and submitted, which can be found here.

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Head Coach
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A valid signature here is a confirmation of my club's intent to join the National Parliamentary Debate League.

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