Peter kistler - DIRECTOR

Peter has been the head coach at Valley Christian High School for the past 5 years. He received a Master's Degree in Mass Communication from San Jose State University with emphasis in first amendment law, political communication, and social influence theory.

He currently teaches AP English Language and composition and has been a high school educator for 13 years.

Basil Abushama - Instructor

Basil debated for Evergreen Valley in High School. Basil and his partner were the first debaters in parli history to win the Tournament of Champions two years in a row, leading Evergreen Valley to the number one club ranking both years.
His list of championships and top speaker awards includes the National Parliamentary Debate Invitational, the Yale Invitational, the Santa Clara University Invitational, the Claremont Invitational, and the Georgiana Hayes Invitational. Basil won an award at every high school tournament he competed in since his junior year, and hung up his boots as one of the top-ranked high school debaters in the event's history.

Basil currently studies computer science at UC Berkeley.


James Gooler-Rogers - Instructor

James has competed in parli for 3 years at Santa Rosa High School, and for 4 years in NPDA at Santa Rosa Junior College and San Francisco State University. Last year, he and his partner placed 5th out of 728 in individual season rankings and led SRJC to win the NPDA Season Sweepstakes, which is the first time any community college has done so.
James has coached high school parli for 5 years and is currently head debate coach at Evergreen Valley High School. Under his leadership, Evergreen Valley’s parliamentary debate team reached the #1 spot in national school rankings.

James is currently studying International Relations at SFSU.


Artem Raskin - Instructor

Artem is a history teacher, social studies department chair, and debate club adviser at Washington High School. He currently serves as president of the Coast Forensic League. Artem was previously the parliamentary debate club president at UC Davis, where he studied political science and international relations. Artem's students have won Claremont, Fullerton, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the Tournament of Champions.


Lilly Hackworth - Instructor

Lilly competed in parliamentary debate and extemporaneous and impromptu speaking starting her freshman year at Notre Dame San Jose High School. Lilly won 11 parli tournaments, including SCU, Stanford, Yale, and the Tournament of Champions. She also qualified to the NSDA Nationals three times, and placed seventh in the nation in extemporaneous speaking.

Lilly currently attends the University of Chicago, where she studies computer science and political science. She also coaches debate for Sequoia High School.

We may hire additional instructors in order to maintain an adequate student-to-instructor ratio.