As part of the National Parliamentary Debate League’s efforts to make coaching more accessible, office hours will again be held throughout the year! Coordinated by Lilly Hackworth, coach for Sequoia High School and University of Chicago student, and Shirley Cheng, coach for Mountain View-Los Altos and Stanford student, office hours will be run monthly using Google Hangouts, and will feature a different coach each month.

In order to sign up for office hours, please fill out the form below. To best benefit students, we have included sections asking for prior experience as well as the concepts that debaters feel more or less comfortable with. This helps us plan effectively for each session held, and also gives us an idea of what students are looking for in the future.

Past Office Hours

Office hours for the month of December were led by David Gomez-Siu, former debater for Campolindo and current student at UC Berkeley. This office hours focused on preparing for upcoming tournaments such as SCU, including but not limited to topics such as counterplans, judge adaptation, rebuttals, etc.

January Office Hours

Office hours for January will be led by Javin Pombra, former Los Altos debater and current Harvard student. They will take place during the week of the 21st. This office hours will primarily be focused on skills relevant to case debate and upcoming tournaments, though all questions are welcome. Please note in the form any additional topics you would like to discuss or ask questions about.

*Please fill out the form prior to January 18th.

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Please check all options that would work for you, note that you are welcome to be on the call for just part of the timeframe if necessary.