Tournament Director

Joel Jacobs is the debate coach at El Cerrito High School. He is a former college parli debater, debate parent, and currently serves as a director of debate for the Golden Gate Speech Association. By day, he is an environmental lawyer.

Site Director

Akunna Uka is the coach of New Roads High School.

At-Large Committee

Lilly Hackworth (CA/University of Chicago, IL)

Julie Herman (Mountain View/Los Altos, CA)

Kyle Hietala (Washington, D.C.)

Jessica Jung (UC Berkeley, CA)

Iain Lampert (Valley International Prep, CA)

Radhika Mehta (Columbia University, NY)

Alex Webb (Lewis & Clark College, OR) 

Topic Committee

Nadia Cochinwala (UC Berkeley, CA)

Eric DiMichele (Regis High School, NY)

John Meany (Claremont McKenna College, CA)

Jenny Owen (Lincoln High School, OR)

Artem Raskin (Washington High School, CA)

Everett Rutan (CT)

Ethics Officer: TBA

Protest Committee: TBA