NPDL will hold two league meetings in the 2019-2020 season.

The Fall meeting will be held at the National Parliamentary Debate Invitational on November 10th, 12:00-1:30PM at UC Berkeley. All new legislation proposals must be emailed to no later than Oct 11th. Members will be able to comment on legislation and suggest alternate phrasing on the online forum. If sponsors of legislation do not wish to accept the alternate phrasing, members may submit alternate phrasing as a counterproposal. Please send counterproposal language to the email above no later than October 30th. Sponsors must finalize all proposal and counterproposal phrasing by October 31st, in accordance with league bylaws.

Legislation must meet the following format, in accordance with Article III, Section 7 of league bylaws:

To be in order, each submitted proposal shall follow these guidelines: Each proposal shall be focused on a single topic. Separate issues shall be submitted as separate proposals. For each proposal, the sponsor shall submit (A) The current language, including Article and Section identifiers, of the relevant section(s) of the Bylaws or Legislative Code, (B) The exact proposed language that would replace the current language, and (C) A rationale which may include but not be limited to the reasoning for and perceived benefits of the proposed change.

The Spring meeting will be held Sunday, April 5th, 2020, at Bentley HS, during the NPDL Tournament of Champions.

League meetings will be chaired by NPDL President, Eliza Haas.

League meetings are open to all member schools. To become a member school, please register here.

Each member school may send up to two representatives - one adult representative and one student representative.

Adults representatives who cannot attend the meeting may give their vote to an adult representative from another school who does attend the meeting.

If your school will not be at the tournament and you want to videoconference into the meeting, please contact the Board beforehand, so that it can set up the necessary technology.

League meetings have the authority to amend the NPDL bylaws, legislative code, and Board Manual. Any representative may sponsor an amendment proposal.