What subjects will be covered?

The workshop will cover economic theory, international relations, domestic policy, debate strategies, and judge adaptation. We will also have several introductory lessons for people who are just starting parli debate.

The lessons will incorporate drills and other activities, so you won’t have to sit through eight straight hours of lecturing.

This season, we are excited to introduce a series of advanced lessons for debaters preparing for the NPDL Tournament of Champions.

After we review the debate background of students who register, we will email out a full lesson schedule.


There will be four 100-minute lesson time slots on each day.

Each time slot will have at least two lessons going on in parallel. The students can choose which lesson they want to attend during each slot.

Students also have the option for skipping a lesson and instead using the time for an office hour with the instructor who is not teaching a lesson during that slot. Office hours can be used for Q&A, drills, and practice rounds.

What rules do I need to know?

- The workshop is open to all current middle school and high school students.

- You will not be representing your school when attending the workshop. This means that you do not need to have your school approve this as a field trip or bring your coach with you to chaperon.

- This is not a tournament. This means that you will register as an individual and do not need to list a partner.

- Registering for the workshop does not obligate you to attend every single lesson. If your parents need to pick you up early, drop you off late, or if you can only attend one day, please let us know ahead of time. We do not reduce fees for partial attendance.

How much does the norcal workshop cost?

The early registration fee is $90 per student. Early registration ends on December 8.

The regular registration fee is $140 per student. Regular registration is from December 9 through January 1.

The late registration fee is $230. Late registration is from January 2 to January 4.

If you would like to attend the workshop, but your family cannot afford the cost, please request a fee waiver by December 5 by emailing npdlboard+WORKSHOP@gmail.com

Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. We may close registration early if the workshop fills up.

All deadlines refer to the date your payment is received. If you are paying by check, you are responsible for mailing it early enough that it arrives by the deadline.

How should I pay for the workshop?

Option 1: Use the Individual Registration form at the top of the Register page, then select ‘Register and Pay’ at the bottom to pay online via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, PayPal gives you a ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’ option.

Option 2: Mail a check to 1522 Parkmont Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 c/o NPDL. The check should be made out to National Parliamentary Debate League. Type up a document listing the student’s name and email and the parent’s name and email. Print it out and include it in the envelope you use to mail the check. After you put the check in the mail, fill out the Individual Registration form at the top of the Register page and select ‘I already paid by check’ as your payment method.

Option 3: If your school wants to submit one lump payment for all students attending, your coach can use the School Registration form at the bottom of the Register page. If the school wants to pay by check (see Option 2), type up a document listing the coach’s name and email, the school name, and the names of all the students being paid for. Print it out and include it in the envelope you use to mail the check. After the check is mailed, each student’s parent must separately fill out the Individual Registration form.


Pizza and salad will be available for purchase on both days - please bring cash. Students are also welcome to pack a bagged lunch.


Send all questions to npdlboard+WORKSHOP@gmail.com

Please include the name of the registered student in your email