Teams that do not meet the minimum number of tournament points to autoqual for the TOC are encouraged to submit at-large bids, as described in the at-large guidelines.

The at-large process considers the following materials and information:

Tournament points, a sample case, an audio recording of a round, and diversity factors (underrepresented region, small school, and underrepresented minority in debate). These are set forth in full detail in the at-large guidelines.

The application form is here. The recording waiver/release form is here.

The resolution for the sample cases is as follows: The United States federal government should ban professional football.

Key deadlines:
2/1/19 At-large applications open

3/1/19 At-large applications due/Autoqual points cutoff

3/12/19 Target date for at-large notifications; three days to accept. (Note: the tournament director reserves the right to adjust this notification date as circumstances require, based on the number of applications, and tournament needs.)

At-Large Committee: Cases and audiorecordings will be reviewed by members of the At-Large Committee, per the guidelines, without the names or schools of the applicants identified. (See “Staff” page for committee members.)