Though we care about writing ability and interest in the parliamentary debate community equally, the past few years have taught us that what matters most for a successful correspondent isn’t writing experience, but willingness to learn. If you don’t have journalism experience—don’t worry! We’re looking for the people who care.

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If you have a blog or similar website that showcases your writing, please feel free to share it here.
Note that we do not require journalism experience, but it may be helpful for fulfilling the position requirements!
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Please limit responses to 200 words. Your round of choice may be one you watched, participated in, or judged. Descriptions should be clear and representative of your writing style. Please note that our articles are news articles, not fiction, so we aren't looking for poetry!
Please limit response to 200 words.
Writing sample should be an original essay or article previously written, between 600 and 2000 words. Creative/fictional writing is not an acceptable submission (poetry, stories, etc.). If your submission is not your own, your application will be disregarded. Don't worry about formatting— we'll read for content, not paragraph separations!

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